Run the Riot Podcast with Wesley Hunt


If you run trails around Arkansas, you probably know who Wesley Hunt is.  Wesley is a beast of a runner and an all-around great guy.  He’s run Arkansas Traveller 100 five times and won it 4 of those times - placing 2nd on his first outing.  Earlier this year, he won the LOViT 100 and plans to return to Traveller this year after a 5-year break.  

I love his outlook on embracing the emotions that come out during a race.  We get into the mental aspect of running Ultras, competition, and training for longevity in the sport.  We also chat about his experience with Arkansas Traveller 100, Western States 100, LOViT 100, Leadville 100 and others.  You’ll definitely enjoy the many nuggets of wisdom he drops in casual conversation!




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