I want to help you achieve your running goals!

Drawing from my experience from 24+ marathons and 40 ultramarathons (16 of which were 100 miles or more) on mountains, roads, flatland, and hills, I know what it takes to get to the finish line.  I've won and stood on the podium at regional ultras and finished in good standing in larger, national competitions.

200M PR - 2018 Tahoe 200 - 73:44:59 (17th place)
100M PR - 2018 Prairie Spirit - 16:25 (win)
50M PR   - 2018 Midnight Madness - 7:10:51 (win)
50K PR    - 2018  Red Dirt - 4:00:57 (win)
Marathon PR - 2018 Louisiana Marathon - 3:03:37 (2nd in AG)

Whether you need help training for your first race, marathon, or ultra, or you feel like you're ready to take your racing to the next level, we can create a plan that will help to get you prepared!  Are you ready to put in the work?  I hope so because I love helping people grow and do what they never thought possible!


Tahoe City - Photo by @howiesternphoto / @rokisphoto


Run the Riot Coaching Plan


  • Free initial consultation after questionnaire is filled out
    • In person
    • Zoom
    • Over the phone
  • Individualized training plan
  • 2 Schedule Adjustments per month
  • Cross training options included in schedule based on athlete needs and equipment availability.
  • Weekly Check in
    • Via email - Unlimited
    • Up to 2 text conversations/ phone calls per week
  • Goal race prep
    • Race strategy session in person, over the phone, or via zoom
    • Assistance with equipment and fueling plan
    • Possible for coach pacing in goal race (not guaranteed - if schedule and logistics allow)