Run the Riot Podcast with Chris Baldwin

Oh man...what a great visit with my friend Chris Baldwin. Chris is well known in central Arkansas due to his involvement in running, volunteering, and co-directing races. He and his friend Ronnie are also well known for their training and aid station shenanigans. Chris and I both ran the Tahoe 200 in 2018 and we take some time to compare our experiences and laugh a lot about the videos on the internet of his delirium! Chris also gives us an update on his recovery from a fall last year that took him out of the Moab 240 due to a broken hip and wrist. (Hint: He'll be running Umstead 100 when this is released!) Other topics - Arkansas Trail Running Community, The LOViT 100, Arkansas Traveller, and the film that everyone training for Traveller should (not) watch!
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Chris' Hip Surgery

Tahoe Link - WATCH THIS!


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