Run the Riot Podcast – Dreadmill Challenge and New Year Challenge

This year I ran the DREADMILL challenge.  100 Miles.  ON. A. TREADMILL.  Yeah....crazy.  Listen to the podcast to find out what worked for me.

Link to challenge.

I got a shout out from 10Gym's facebook page once they found out what I was doing


This was my fueling strategy:

2 Hours on the treadmill between breaks (the treadmill reset at 60 minutes)
1st hour - eFuel (210 Calories)
2nd Hour - Nuun (90 Calories) and a Spring Energy Gel (100-150 Calories)

Then a short break to use the restroom and refill bottles.  Repeat until done.


Also on this podcast is a New Year Challenge.

Book I referenced (affiliate link):


Apps I'm using



Microsoft's TODO App:

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