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Jason Koomen is on a mission to run a 100 miler in every state.  He’s on number 30 so far!  We talk about the Loup Garou 100, Hurt 100, Outlaw 100, and others.  He and his wife have also adopted children from Ukraine in the past and have been helping people through their contacts.  If you would like to help there are info and links in the show notes.

Info on Ukrain giving and links:

Four adoptive moms and dads and our connections to people and families in Ukraine have raised and donated equipment, food, and medicine worth over $100,000 purely through donations:
❤️Our team is creating from scratch an emergency surgery center in Vinnytsia with 100% donated medical equipment & supplies.
❤️They are outfitting Mykolaiv emergency hospital with more ventilators & supplies to broaden their ability to save lives of wounded soldiers & citizens.
❤️They are purchasing food, formula, diapers and medical aid in Krakow to bring into Odessa and Vinnytsia to get directly into the hands of villagers in desperate need of help
❤️AND if that wasn't enough, they are purchasing a list of needs from an orphanage (name withheld) in Russian controlled land, that will get brought in little by little, by the more courageous volunteers, to save the lives of kids at risk of dying if aid isn't received soon.
The work continues still.
👉 daily boxes arrive full of supplies from people we have NEVER met. ❤
👉the previously purchased pharmaceutical supplies are making their way to the destinations in Ukraine!
👉the vast quantities of food & personal care items purchased in Poland will arriving in Mykolaiv
👉the suitcases full of more ventilators, more medic bags, more surgery supplies and all manner of wound care/surgery consumables have been delivered and many more are on the way!
And Funds are needed still -
❤ We have a 3rd/4th trip happening in May for the Kya's Promise team. Each trip will include bringing MORE medical equipment - we have leads on donated or dramatically reduced prices on ultrasounds/sonar machines (these are used for looking for shrapnel inside the body and checking bloodflow), we are working on getting a cutter/cauterizer for our surgeons and we have brain surgery tools to bring over!
❤ We will be continuing our food/supply effort to Mykolaiv as they are under heavy bombing, water is in short supply and aid only going to the main city, not the rural people.
❤ We will be focusing a great deal on supplying the rural village of Vinnytsia with food, personal care, baby care and water. This village has been inundated with people fleeing the larger cities and they have very little in terms of resources. It is our wish to create a "way station" to bring relief to those who have left all they own for safety.
😭Never in a million years did we ever think that this is the work we would be doing today 🤯
We cover our own costs (flights, hotel, food) so 100% of donations are used to provide food and medicine.
Venmo: @jason-koomen


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