Run the Riot Podcast with Kayla Straub

In this episode of the Run the Riot Podcast, I had an amazing chat with Kayla Straub, the beast of Kansas!. Kayla's journey into running is pretty incredible. She didn't start long ago, but when she did, she dove in headfirst. Her first ultramarathon was the extremely hot and exposed Honey Badger 100 in June 2020.  She snagged second place right out of the gate!

But that's just the beginning of her story. In 2021, she went back to the Honey Badger 100 and came out as the champion. Talk about determination, right? And then, in 2022, she set the Kansas state female record at the Prairie Spirit 100.

She's overcome some seriously tough personal challenges before she even laced up her running shoes. Her story is not just about running; it's about resilience and grit in the face of adversity.

And she's not stopping there. Kayla has some big goals for her future races, and she thrives on challenges. It's not just about the medals; it's about pushing her own limits and proving that anything is possible.

But Kayla's life isn't all about running. She lives on a farm with her kids, juggling the demands of parenthood with her passion for running. Kayla is demonstrating what can happen when you embrace your dreams and overcome life's hurdles. So, be sure to listen in and get inspired by Kayla Straub's incredible story!

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