Run the Riot Podcast – Unpacking LOViT with Matt Coriell, Cliff Pittman, and David and Jennifer Theriot


Join us as we discuss our experiences during the LOViT 100.  This episode was so much fun!  During the first segment, Matt Coriell and I compare our strategies, perspectives, and experiences during the LOViT 100.  I had a blast laughing with Matt and hearing about his journey over the grueling 100 mile course.  Matt is also host of the Wayne Watch Podcast so check that out!

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The second segment features my friend and coach Cliff Pittman.  We discuss my preparation for LOViT, the race, and his perspective as he paced me through the final 27 miles of the race to a second-place finish.  Lots of good info, tips, and insight into running 100 miles here from Cliff!

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The last portion is my lovely wife, Jennifer and her perspective as my crew and encourager.


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